Clever Speech Starts the Year Strong

Congratulation to the Clever High School Speech team for a great showing at the School of Osage today. This is the beginning to what looks to be a strong season. Over half of the entries into the tournament advanced to finals.

The results were as follows:

-6th Place: Roman Guerrero/Megan Harry (Duet Acting)
-4th place: Josh Warner/Darrick Clark (Improvisation)
-4th place: Megan Spence (Prose)
-3rd Place: Shelby Jinks (Storytelling)
-3rd Place: Amelia Curtis (Dramatic Interpretation)
-2nd Place: Kaylie Stewart (Dramatic Interpretation)
-1st Place: Amelia Curtis (Prose)

Congratulations to the entire team on an amazing first showing. We look forward to seeing what this team does throughout the rest of the year!