All Clever RV School Board Meetings will be held in the

Clever K-8 Library
103 S Public Ave
Clever, MO 65631

Regular monthly meetings are tentatively scheduled for the second Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m.

Justin Peebles, Vice President

Justin Peebles, President
Phone: 417-743-2722

Sarah Camp, Board Member

Sarah Camp, Vice President
Phone: 417-849-9812

Rachel Simons, Board Member

Rachel Simons, Treasurer
Phone: 417-830-2722

Brian Teague, Board Member Phone: 417-569-0423

Brian Teague, Board Member
Phone: 417-569-0423

Clint Satterlee, Board Member

Clint Satterlee, Board Member
Phone: 417-689-1809

Perry Barnes, Board Member

Perry Barnes, Board Member
Phone: 417-343-7474

not available

Shawn Eaton, Board Member