Goals for MAP Improvement

  • Clever Schools will implement a challenging curriculum and provide resources and support for standards-based education.
  • Clever Schools will align curriculum, instruction, and assessment with the Show-Me Standards and the Missouri Assessment Program.
  • Clever Schools will continue to use technology to enhance instruction and improve student achievement.
  • Clever Schools will give students and teachers sufficient opportunities to plan, teach, and learn while providing consistent expectations and seamless transitions between schools.
  • Clever Schools will develop classroom, grade-level, and school-wide assessment data systems to determine the most effective instructional practices.
  • Clever Schools will hold all stakeholders accountable for high academic and behavioral expectations.
  • Clever Schools will provide a comprehensive and ongoing program of professional development.
  • Clever Schools will engage the community to support student achievement.
  • Clever Schools will create a safe, orderly, efficient, and motivating school environment.


In efforts to improve MAP achievement, members of the Clever R-V Board of Education believe....


  • Respect the testing process
  • Apply test-taking strategies to maximize opportunities for success
  • Complete all questions to the best of their abilities
  • Apply themselves to learn throughout the year
  • Arrive at school rested and ready to learn each day


  • Understand the testing process and the importance of tests
  • Be sure children are rested and ready for testing
  • Encourage children to read and comprehend
  • Encourage children to read for specific information


  • Align curriculum to the Show-Me Standards
  • Use released items to develop performance events
  • Provide constructed response items for student practice
  • Collaborate with other professionals to create assessments
  • Create a positive test-taking environment
  • Proctor exams carefully
  • Analyze test data to plan for future instruction


  • Provide test schedules to faculty
  • Coordinate all teachers during the testing period
  • Provide incentives for students during testing
  • Enforce testing procedures and test security


  • Provide collaborative plan time for the purpose of developing a quality curriculum
  • Showcase top-quality performance events and constructed response items
  • Coordinate meetings with teachers and parents to review curriculum and expectations
  • Allow Clever R-V MAP teachers to share information
  • Evaluate curriculum revisions and the use of constructed response items and performance events
  • Analyze test data to improve curriculum, instruction, and/or assessment
  • Create a positive learning environment
  • Keep parents informed of pertinent testing information
  • Encourage communication between teachers and parents
  • Organize a system of explaining test results to all stakeholders in the district
  • Stay abreast of trends and issues related to the school improvement process