Circle Drive

Circle Drive--just the words can cause grown men to cry!  If you’ve picked students up in the circle drive, just the thought of it might make you cringe.  We’re trying to make things a little better! Beginning this school year, we want to make pick up time a little easier, and we need your help to accomplish this goal.  Traffic around dismissal time becomes extremely heavy, so we are asking families who are picking students up to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before dismissal. By doing this, the flow of traffic will be improved AND you won’t have to wait as long in circle drive. It’s a win/win!   

It should take around 15 minutes from the time we load the first child until the time the last child is put safely in their vehicle. The first few days will see heavier traffic, so ask that you be patient as we implement our new procedure.   With safety in mind, the north and south circle drives will open at 3:05 (1:05 on Fridays), and we ask that you not line up before that time. K-4 students will be picked up in the north circle drive and 5-8 students will be picked up in the south circle drive.  

Families picking up a preschool student may begin lining up at 2:45.  This will allow the circle drive to be clear when we begin lining up for PK-4 pickup at 3:05. If you have a preschool student and a K-4 student, your preschool student will remain with the K-4 students so that you may pick up both at one time.

Morning drop off will remain the same as last year with one exception.  The east gate by the Central Office will remain locked. For safety reasons, please do not drop off students on Public Avenue.   Students should be dropped off in the appropriate circle drives no earlier than 7:45.

We anticipate a fabulous year, and we look forward to partnering with you to ensure the safety of every Clever student!