Crowder Business Contest


Please help me in congratulating these students on placing in the Top 3 at Crowder College on March 28th...

Accounting--Event Winner

M. Hoeft 1st 

M. Waisner 2nd 

J. Partee 3rd

Business Communications 

C. Henson 1st

Computer Applications 

E. Jones 3rd

Business Math 

Je. Swartz 2nd 

A. Addison 3rd

Intro to Business-Event Winner 

C. Wenger 1st 

Ja. Swartz 3rd

Marketing-Event Winner 

C. Wenger 1st 

R. Shurvington 2nd

Management Decision Making Team 

M. Peters and M. Hoeft 2nd

Office Procedures-Event Winner 

Li. Peebles 1st 

G. Schmidt 2nd

Personal Finance-Event Winner 

C. Henson 1st 

C. Brown 2nd 

A. Pearce 3rd

AND...we won the Sweepstakes trophy for the division.  

The collegiate division hosted social media challenges and Clever also won 3 out of 4 of those challenges too.  

Thanks to everyone who participated and for a fun and successful day!!