SWCL Art Competition

The SWCL Art Competition was Saturday, April 29, in Galena.  Each art teacher from the conference may bring six pieces of artwork per grade level to compete against students from area schools.  

Two high school students, Brooke Buehler and Savannah Decker, also attended and participated in an on-site still life drawing competition.  

Congratulations to the following ribbon recipients from Clever along with all the students whose artwork was chosen to participate.

1st Place Ribbons:
Kendall Giesk- Sculpture

Kinsey Coble- Black/White Drawing  

Kinsey Coble- Mixed Media 2D

Kendall Geisik- Colored Drawing

Elliot Cyrus- Sculpture

Elijah Shiver- Black/White Drawing

Hadley Dillard- Printmaking

Genesis Canul- Mixed Media 2D

Taylor Thompson- Black/White Drawing

Eva Contreras- Sculpture

Jozlyn Wright- Collage

Kierstin Maddox - printmaking

6th Grade group - sculpture

7th-8th grade group - sculpture

Abby Mitchell - watercolor painting

Brooke Buehler - Mixed Media 3-D 

Brooke Buehler - Colored Drawing 

Ashley Pearce - Printmaking 

Emily Mendenhall - Collage 

Brooke Hoeft - Transparent Painting 

Gabby Cole - Sculpture 

Elizabeth Carroll - Adaptive Art 

2nd Place Ribbons:

Zoey Browning- Ceramics

Kourtney Flemming-  Sculpture

Peyton Tennis - scratch art

Sophia Keith - painting

Sophia Keith - fiber weaving

Kalaina Small - watercolor painting

Alexis Beaver - painting

Alexis Beaver and Shelbi Allen - group sculpture

Shelby Volmert - scratch art

Brooke Buehler - Still Life Drawing Competition 

Derrick Nolan - Mixed Media 2-D 

Emily Schmidt - Opaque Painting 

3rd Place Ribbons:
Avelynn Fraser - Mixed Media 2D

Kimrey Nelson- Colored Drawing

Kinsli Gelle- Mixed Media 2D

Ally Dilbeck - Mixed Media 2-D 

Laiken Dilbeck - Photography 

Brooke Riley - Technology 

Mark Christoffer - Printmaking 

Honorable Mention:
Madilyn Pojar- Ceramics

Braxtyn Myers- Colored Drawing

Spencer Lance- Transparent Painting

Laurel Wilson- Sculpture

Maloree Truit- Colored Drawing

Belle Gaines - drawing

Savannah Decker - Opaque Painting

Participants:  Gage Simons, Riley Britton, Emily Carter, Samantha Scott, Jasmin Craun, Grace Kyle, Laurel Wilson, Collin Lund, Sarah Easley and Lily Brown, Jameson Price, Rachel Daniels, Adele Kovacs, Abbi Vanzandt, Travis Franco, and Ruthie Brown, Audra Addison, Lakien Dilbeck, Ally Dilbeck, Emily Schmidt, Savannah Decker, Halee Bittick, Amelia Curtis, Brooke Riley, Gabby Cole, Ashley Pearce, Derrick Nolan, Mark Christoffer, Emily Mendenhall, Megan Denkenbring, Elizabeth Carroll, Brooke Hoeft, Emily Ledbetter, Shelby Riley and Brooke Buehler.