March 13, 2020 
Parents and Guardians 
As the Clever R-V District enrollment numbers continue to grow, policies are continuously reviewed and changes are sometimes necessary to ensure the safety and welfare of our students.  After reviewing our bus transportation policies, it has become evident that some guidelines need to be updated and new procedures put into place. 
We know these changes will impact before and after school routines.  With that in mind, we want to make everyone aware of the new procedures now to give parents time to make plans for next year. Beginning fall 2020, the following Board of Education approved bus procedures will be put into place: 
● Each bus rider will have one assigned bus stop for morning pick up.  Students will only be picked up at their assigned stop. 
● Each bus rider will have one assigned bus stop for afternoon drop off.  Students will only be dropped off at their assigned stop.  
● Students will not be allowed to ride another bus, nor will they be picked up or dropped off anywhere other than their assigned spot.  This will allow us to build and maintain consistent bus rosters and evaluate the number of passengers on each bus at any time. 
● If a student’s home address changes during the school year, a change of address will need to be completed with the appropriate school office.  After a change of address has been received, the transportation director will reassign the student to the correct route. 
This change will help us eliminate overcrowding on buses.  Knowing how many students will be on each bus every day will allow the district to accurately track numbers.  
When students are unsure of their daily routine, confusion can lead to children switching buses in the bus lane or being pulled from circle drive to board a bus, all of which leads to a delay in the buses leaving campus.  This has in the past caused as much as a 25 minute delay, which leaves high school students waiting to board their bus.  
Safety is always our top priority, and these changes are being implemented to be sure we can provide our students the safest possible transportation to and from school each and every day.  We will now have the opportunity to more closely monitor our transportation department while maintaining an organized structure on each bus.  
Mr. Benjy Fenske, Superintendent 
Clever R-V Schools