Parent Math Night With Greg Tang

September 11th 6:30 pm - 7:45 pm

Clever EleMiddle FEMA/Cafeteria

Clever EleMiddle is extremely excited to host one of the premier leaders in math education, Mr. Greg Tang.  Greg is called the "math missionary" for the dedication and passion he has shown in sharing his love of math with students, teachers and parents. Since 2001, he has done over 2,500 conferences, workshops and author visits, taught more than 350,000 children and adults, and accumulated more than 1,000,000 frequent flier miles on three different airlines!  He has also visited more than 750 schools across the United States, Canada, and Asia.  Principals, teachers, and parents rave about Mr. Tang’s ability to engage and excite even the most reluctant learners.  Whether it’s 50 or 500 students, Greg makes math a true joy for children of all ages.

Greg and his colleagues believe a successful family math night is the single best way to generate excitement about math and bring families together. When it comes to math facts, we need our parents’ help. Strategies can be learned in class, but practice begins at home.  During math night activities, Greg makes sense of new and unfamiliar teaching methods by focusing on three important aspects of effective math instruction: visualization, reasoning and number sense. Parents come away with an instant appreciation of visual models, number bonds, and the work our teachers are doing.  Greg’s parent workshops are some of the most important work he does.  

As previously mentioned, Mr. Tang is also an author.  Greg’s Math Appeal was voted Best Non-Fiction eBook by teachers, joining Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Hunger Games and Huckleberry Finn as Gold Medal winners.  In 2001, Greg’s first book, The Grapes of Math, spent three incredible weeks as a New York Times best-selling children’s book. That same year, it won both Oppenheim Gold and Parent’s Guide Awards, was named Best Math Book by Children’s Book-of-the-Month Club, was a Book Sense 76 selection, and was voted an IRA Teachers’ Choice in 2002.